• To provide and recruit skilled, semi-skilled and sincere manpower to a foreign employment company.
  • To provide detail information about employment opportunities abroad.
  • To provide job opportunities to Nepalese youths in a foreign country permitted by the Nepal Government.
  • To produce qualified workers for our valued clients.
  • To give effective orientation for the candidates.


Why Nepalese Manpower?

Nepalese are polite, hard working, experienced, honest and competent. Besides, the hiring cost of Nepalese manpower is lower as compared to other countries. Nepalese manpower is that they can work in any climatic conditions besides, the wide choice ranging from skilled to unskilled, semi-skilled to experienced workers and professionals to experts. Nepalese workers are honest and are committed to their duties and responsibilities beside this Nepalese workers are comparatively more cost effective and hiring cost is lower.


Plans and Strategies

It is well organized and reputed recruiting company which is run by a team of hardworking and dedicated professional. Â it is a company, which is constantly prepared to accept all the challenges come ahead, to overcome all sort of obstacles and difficulties with the purpose of providing prompt services to those aspirants who are curious and enthusiastic. The organization specializes on recruiting of skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers. The company takes full responsibility to recruit category of employee from Nepal on behalf of any legally authorized and genuine overseas employment regulations of the government of both the concerning countries.