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The company has been genuinely successful in pursuing and developing a fertile business relationship with highly reputed overseas organizations since i t s establishment.Our main course of hospitality has proved to enhance the reputation...

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NAP International Pvt. Ltd. Sales, Research and Marketing is studying the market. To study the market it has applied different business tools. lt is keeping in touch with ....

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Fact About NAP
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NAP International Pvt. Ltd. is the LEADING manpower supplier company supplies professionals, skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled work forces from Nepal to Middle East, Far East, European and American countries around the world.
We are committed to serve the companies, the jobseekers and the professionals.
Since the foundation of the company our essential goal is providing competitive, efficient and reliable resource solutions. We basically engage in the field of manpower recruiting and our main target is "To provide the best services to our clients by supplying technically competent and highly motivated manpower." The high regard in which we are held today bears declaration to the major of success we have been able to achieve.