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The company has been genuinely successful in pursuing and developing a fertile business relationship with highly reputed overseas organizations since i t s establishment.Our main course of hospitality has proved to enhance the reputation...

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NAP International Pvt. Ltd. Sales, Research and Marketing is studying the market. To study the market it has applied different business tools. lt is keeping in touch with ....

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Nap International Pvt. Ltd. has established itself as one of the prominent and leading Manpower Agencies in Nepal since its establishment. We have always providing high quality services meeting expectations of our clients in an effective and efficient manner. We believe that honesty comes first to impart a quality service, which is critical for survival in the present competitive environment. Our growth over time is based on our sincerity, dedication and commitment towards resolving the growing unemployment problem in the country. Our sincere and dedicated services combined with the highest level of professionalism have helped us to earn global recognition, trust and confidence.

Nap International Pvt. Ltd. is now a reputed name of delivering manpower to various businesses from different industries around the world. Since the inception, we have been supplying hardworking professionals and skilled manpower to different parts of the world.

We have always maintained our utmost efforts in screening quality human resources using our state of the art Human Resource system and upgrading the skill of our employees providing proper training on an ongoing basis. We also provide job related training and orientation classes to the workers prior to their departure. This gives us a competitive advantage in delivering quality manpower within Nepal and accordingly suiting the best positions available globally.

Our office is well-equipped with the necessary support and operated by a team of efficient and enthusiastic stafff in Koteswor, Kathmandu, Nepal to meet your requirements.

We hope our mutual co-operation and well wishes will remain from all business sectors in days to come.

Best Regards,
Mithu Gautam